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FX Series Combo

FX Series Combo

  • 1999
  • Save $ 40

Instantly add tambourine and Shaker sound texture to your stick and bass drum beater while you play!

- Comes with 1 quick release stick base, 1 quick release bass pedal post base , 1 Tambourine attachment and 1 Egg Shaker attachment 

- Light weight ABS plastic maximize playability, while producing additional sound texture

- Fits any bass drum beater post

- Fits and stick 7a to 2b

- Tightens on post with a drum key

- Quick release base allows you to instantly add or remove sound accessory

- Stainless steel tambourine and Egg Shaker attachments

- Red in color

- Attachment works with any FX series base that we do or will produce (stick FX, Kick FX)

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