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About us


Tru Tuner is a company that is dedicated to making the lives of drummers as easy as possible when it comes to changing and tuning drum heads.

The owners and creators of Tru Tuner are Jason, Joey and Al Truda. Obviously these three musketeers were born to create Tru Tuner.

Jason is an everyday drummer who had the idea to create a quick, easy and accurate way to change drum heads. From the first time he changed a drum head, he was on the hunt to find a tool that was the complete package. Twelve years went by and there was still nothing out there that would work for all drums and patterns, while turning each point at the same time. Three years later, after many different designs and with great support from family, friends and musicians all over, they were able to make Jason’s vision a reality.

Tru Tuner will remain dedicated to creating great products that make things easier for drummers while delivering outstanding customer service.